Guide to choosing your Taekwondo uniforms (Doboks) World Taekwondo

Dobok or 도복 (in korean) are the uniforms that are worn by Taekwondo practitioners while partaking in the sports. It embodies the pride of the Taekwondo spirit through training, sparring, competitions and even grading.


Buying your Taekwondo uniforms

Please see your club instructor or visit Amazon

Be sure to clarify with your instructors before getting your Doboks.

For the most basic difference, according to the standards of the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea), the dobok (도복) should be all white for geup students (White & coloured belt grades), and a Black collar for all Black Belts 1st Dan and above. Yellow + Black collar Jacket + Dark Trousers are High Dan Master Uniforms.