• Mansfield karate club,a place to learn authentic WadoRyu. As well as improving fitness,building confidence and meeting new people In a safe and friendly environment. All age groups welcome.
  • Times and Venues Group Karate Westhill Drive Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield lKirkby in Ashfield and Meden Sports Centre Warsop Notts.
  • The main services offered by the Mansfield Karate Club are Group Karate training for all ages and abilities. Private one to one tuition. Sales and supply of equipment.
  • A basic and very essential part of Karate training. It means that Karateka must never attack first – mentally or physically.

Welcome to Mansfields, #1 authentic Karate club.

Mansfields longest standing traditional WadoRyu Karate Club.

WadoRyu style martial arts is for everyone regardless of age or fitness level.

Children Classes

If you're looking for a way to encourage your children to take 2 hours physical exercise this martial arts class is designed for youngsters of ages 6+...

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Juniors Classes

If you're looking for a great way to get your teen in shape while learning a new life skill, then our Karate martial arts calsses are the answer for you...

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Adult Classes

Our Adult Karate classes are great for fitness, self-defence, flexibility, co-ordination, confidence and offer a little bit more than a child class!...

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Private Tuition

In addition to the regular class schedule, we are also available for private classes. Classes can consist of either one person, a small group, or a seminar...

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Mansfield Karate Club

Karate helps build confidence, self esteem and helps concentration and fitness....

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Sutton Karate Club

Self Defence & Fitness Specialists, CRB Checked Instructors...

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Warsop Karate Club

Fun & Friendly Classes, Helps Build Confidence...

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Kirkby Karate Club

Beginners Always Welcome, Separate Kids Classes (ages 6-16)...

Club Testimonials

best karate club mansfield

"My son has been doing karate now for nearly a year and the difference in him is amazing. He was very quiet, shy and not very confident but doing karate has really boosted his confidence and helped him to overcome his shyness along with it being a good way of staying fit instead of being glued to a TV or XBox...."
Kellie, Mansfield

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"My son who is 8 has been attending this karate class for over a year now and loves every minute. He goes twice a week and has made some nice friends. Within a year he has gained a red belt which has boosted his confidence no end. David is a fantastic teacher and has time for all his pupils, a better class you could not find...."
Mike Book, Mansfield

kids karate mansfield club

"David, you’re a fantastic instructor. I love training with you whenever I get the opportunity. You’ve a lovely, friendly manner which makes you very approachable and makes learning such a pleasure. There’s always a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in your classes and as a person who lacks confidence this is a blessing. You’ve never made me feel silly or stupid when I’ve been unsuccessful at something, I have only ever received help and encouragement from you – thank you. You’re known for your vast knowledge of Karate and are very dedicated, keep up the good work, I wish you every success. A very happy student...."
Less Mills, Sutton

learn karate mansfield

"A great instructor who has a real passion for what he does. He is always happy and tries to be as helpful as he can. I have trained with David and find his classes very enjoyable, and know that anyone else who trains with him would feel the same. I know that without a doubt he will continue to be very successful and I wish him all the best in the future...."
Mark Vince, Mansfield